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Religious Corruption In Antigone

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Since 24 December , Greece prohibits discrimination and hate crimes based on sex characteristics, which are among the strongest laws on the subject in Europe. Since October , to change one's legal gender in Greece , the legal requirements are a forced divorce if married , due to the inability of performing same-sex marriage and a court order. The bill grants this right to anyone aged 17 and older. However, even underaged children between the age of 15 and 17 have access to the legal gender recognition process, but under certain conditions, such as obtaining a certificate from a medical council. The Legal Gender Recognition Law followed a 20 July decision of the County Court of Athens, which ruled that a person who wants to change their legal gender on Registry Office files is no longer obliged to already have undergone sex reassignment surgery.

In February , the Marousi County Court ruled in favor of Jason-Antigone Dane 's request to have their male birth name, Jason, changed on Registry Office files to a gender-neutral one by adding the female name Antigone next to it. However, while the court did rule in favor of the person's request for displaying a gender-neutral name on their ID, it decided against having their legal gender entry changed from male to third gender , citing the "lack of a relevant institutional framework for individuals not classified in a distinct case of a non-dual gender identity third gender entry " in Greece, although the Legal Gender Recognition Law does state that "the person [hence every person] has the right to the recognition of his or her gender identity as an element of his or her personality".

The plaintiff's lawyer announced that they will appeal part of the ruling to a higher court the part concerning the third gender marker on IDs. In June , a Greek court ruled that foreign transgender people, including refugees and immigrants , also have the right to the recognition of their gender identity , marking the first time that this right is extended beyond the definition of the Legal Gender Recognition Law , which restricted this right to Greek citizens only.

On 23 December , the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs announced that, starting from , a thematic week would be taking place every second semester of the school year. The thematic week seeks to inform students and their parents about, among others, issues such as sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, homophobia and transphobia. The Ministry will also consider enhancement of the thematic week in the future. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals are allowed to serve openly in the Hellenic Armed Forces. Alexis Patelis, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis's Chief Economic Adviser, came out in an interview, saying: "The Prime Minister has met my husband, I have met his wife", marking the first time that a high-ranking official came out publicly in Greece.

A pride parade event, the "Athens Pride" and an international Gay and Lesbian film festival, the "Outview", are held annually. In June , the city got its own annual pride event Thessaloniki Pride. One of the most notable events in Thessaloniki, concerning LGBT rights, is the attempt to raise a 20m long banner, urging people to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics , on the city's most famous landmark, the White Tower. The attempt was quickly stopped by the local police, but the event was advertised in online media.

Greece is one of Europe's most popular LGBT tourist destinations, [13] [14] particularly its largest cities Athens and Thessalonica as well as several of its islands. It was repeated two years later at the Zappeion Mansion. In , and , the events were held at Strefi Hill , whereas in and they were organized at the Pedion tou Areos. In , it took place in an enclosed area. Thessaloniki was selected in to host EuroPride It has been held 14 times:.

Thessaloniki staged its annual pride event for the first time in 22—23 June , following Mayor Boutaris 's promise to back a public LGBT event in the city. The first Thessaloniki Pride festival enjoyed massive popular support from the city, its periphery and the region, which was a heavy blow for the city's metropolitan Anthimos, who had called believers to react. One year later, in one of his announcements just a few days before the pride event of , he stated that, the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki would once again have to tolerate the sad and unacceptable festival of the homosexuals who want to "celebrate their sickness in a carnival sort of way".

He also asked parents to keep their children and themselves away from "such pointless and unnatural celebrations". However, many families were present and the two-day festival ended in a festive atmosphere with many parties, galleries and celebrations all around the city. In , Thessaloniki was the European Youth Capital and the 3rd Thessaloniki Pride was included to its official programme.

By general assessment the pride event was a major success, with the participation of 10, people in the parade, along with the Mayor Yiannis Boutaris and a block of diplomats. That year, vigil masses took place along with gatherings of believers, where priests made an outcry over the "desecration of holy Thessaloniki", the "imposition of Islam and homosexuality by the New World Order , the gay pride events which are part of a Western conspiracy , the "appointment of homosexual male and female bishops and protested over the victory of Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision Song Contest.

He also claimed that the use of the term "festival" for the event is erroneous. The first pride parade in Crete was held on 26—27 June in Heraklion , becoming the island's first "Festival for Gender and Sexuality Liberation Visibility". The first pride parade in Patras , the third biggest city in Greece, was held in Responding to government proposals in to introduce legal rights for cohabiting couples, Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens , the leader of the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece , suggested that "There is a need to change with the time".

It is unclear, however, whether this view applied to same-sex couples, particularly as the Church has previously opposed gay rights in general and civil union laws in particular. Following government talks in November regarding the legalisation of civil unions for homosexual couples, the Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim voiced vehement opposition against it, threatening that he can and will excommunicate any MPs who should vote for it. Moreover, he added that the bill "legalises the corruption of the human existence and physiology and cements the psychopathological diversion that is homosexuality". Additionally, he mentioned that such movements constitute "significant offenses of public decency" by sending out messages of "perverted sexual behaviours" to young people that "torpedo the foundations of family and society".

In August , during discussions about the long-awaited vote for an anti-racism bill, several Metropolitans voiced their opposition to it due to certain articles pertinent to the criminalization of hate speech against, among others, homosexuals, with increased penalties for civil servants members of the clergy included who engage in it during their duties. The Metropolitan of Gortyna Ieremias, citing Bible passages, called homosexuals "dogs", argued that under the new bill "several prophets and Saints would be regarded as racists", and characterized it as a "horrible and deplorable" law while adding a homophobic word play.

At the same time, the Metropolitan of Konitsa Andreas rejected the bill under the claim that it aims to "cover the perversion that is homosexuality". Moreover, the PM reassured the religious leaders who disapproved of the bill that, "as long as he is in office, there's no way the parliament will expand civil unions to same-sex couples". In September , provisions on the criminalization of hate speech towards LGBT individuals were approved. The criminalization of LGBT-oriented hate speech led to the furious reaction of Metropolitan Seraphim who called the law "an oppression of the Greek Justice system" and "the cancellation of the freedom of speech" as imposed by "the nationalistic system and the New World Order instructors".

Several issues have been raised about the Greek media and their frequently discriminatory attitude towards LGBT individuals such as through the use of censorship , something partly attributed to the regulation authority, or Greek National Council for Radio and Television NCRTV. The neo-Nazi far-right party Golden Dawn has made a very infamous statement when addressing gay men and women, saying that "after the immigrants, you're next". Five of the attacks caused serious bodily harm, while the majority concerned verbal attacks. Support for same-sex marriage [].

Support for same-sex civil marriage May poll []. Support for same-sex adoption May poll []. Support for the LGBT people having equal rights as everyone else poll [7]. A survey among Greek MPs , conducted in and presented by the Hellenic Homosexual Community EOK , raised the issue of recognising taxation , inheritance and other legal rights to same-sex couples. MPs favorable responses were higher among women, younger and Athenian MPs. A study among Greek students in Heraklion , Crete , surveyed their attitudes towards male homosexuality. Two scales were used and translated into Greek along with several questions that formed a self-completed questionnaire.

The main findings showed that there were differences among the different schools in terms of homophobic expression and that "the main predictors influencing homophobia score were: willingness to defend and protect gay rights, conversations with gay individuals, religiosity, politicization and having gay friends". In June , the Pew Research Center released data where they conducted surveys of respondents in some 40 countries on the question of whether the respondents believed their society should or should not accept homosexuality. The survey was based on 1, respondents and was conducted by Focus Bari. A survey by Pew found that the Greek respondents having been polled in — gave the most cultural liberal responses regarding LGBT rights among Orthodox Christians from various countries, except for respondents from the United States , and the most liberal responses of all Orthodox-majority countries.

A poll conducted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in cooperation with the KAPA Research, found that the concept of liberalism is becoming increasingly popular in Greece, with the majority of the Greeks viewing it positively. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the situation in the modern Greek state. For information about homosexuality in antiquity, see Homosexuality in ancient Greece. LGBT rights in Greece. Main article: Recognition of same-sex unions in Greece. LGBT portal Greece portal.

Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 11 October Archived from the original on 5 June Retrieved 20 May Huffington Post. Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 31 May KAPA Research. Retrieved 17 November ILGA Europe. Retrieved 7 December Published 23 December Retrieved 19 September Popular movements in China, Korea, and other Asian nations reveal a similar commitment to these principles. Implementation and the Post Cold War Period — Although the latter half of the 20th century saw a rapid development of human rights norms-setting in international venues, the political agenda of the Cold War did not favour the issue. The human rights issues remained highly polarized and politicized, as the East and West had countering opinions and the South its own views.

The third wave was triggered by the revulsion against the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile in , the fact that Covenants of entered into force and the beginning of the Carter presidency in the US. In the 's the US foreign aid was linked to the human rights performance of the recipients. The middle of the 's saw also the rise of the human rights non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International[38].

The end of Cold War freed many nations in Europe from communist rule permitting them to embark on a process of democratic transformation. The end of the Cold War and its effect on human rights is reflected in part in the text of Vienna Declaration[39] and Programme of Action adopted at the World Conference on human rights held in Vienna in June, The ending of the Cold War in the beginning of 's has meant changes in the activity and functioning of the human rights regime. Human rights have become more visible in the political language and the institutions are now more active. It seems there is a new wave of human rights activism going on. Most importantly, the UN goals of peace-keeping and human-rights protection have become increasingly combined.

During the Cold War, genocide in places such as Burundi, East Pakistan and Cambodia were met only by verbal expressions of concern. Now, peace-keepers in El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala and Rwanda have explicit mandates to investigate human rights violations. Rwanda and Yugoslavia have international tribunals to handle the charges against human rights criminals, first time after Nuremberg[40]. International human rights commitments is still enmeshed with the complex patterns of international politics, and it is easy to point out cases of janus-faced will to act in some cases and withdraw in some other.

The war in Iraq, which was partly justified by human rights claims and the international unwillingness to interfere in Sudan's genocidal civil war is a good example. However, after the end of the Cold War the international willingness to use the human rights language in international power politics has become larger. Even if this rhetoric hides the true intentions, it tells something about the accepted values of our times. Governments then committed themselves to establishing the United Nations, with the primary goal of bolstering international peace and preventing conflict.

People wanted to ensure that never again would anyone be unjustly denied life, freedom, food, shelter, and nationality. The calls came from across the globe for human rights standards to protect citizens from abuses by their governments, standards against which nations could be held accountable for the treatment of those living within their borders. These voices played a critical role in the San Francisco meeting that drafted the United Nations Charter in These apart, the post world war era witnessed a new form of human rights in which has been termed as collective rights or group rights.

These rights protect and promote the cause of the vulnerable groups namely; women, children, disabled, minorities etc. Conclusion Human rights are fundamental to the stability and development of countries all around the world. Great emphasis has been placed on international conventions and their implementation in order to ensure adherence to a universal standard of acceptability.

With the advent of globalization and the introduction of new technology, these principles gain importance not only in protecting human beings from the ill-effects of change but also in ensuring that all are allowed a share of the benefits. The impact of several changes in the world today on human rights has been both negative and positive. In particular, the risks posed by advancements in science and technology may severely hinder the implementation of human rights if not handled carefully. In the field of biotechnology and medicine especially there is strong need for human rights to be absorbed into ethical codes and for all professionals to ensure that basic human dignity is protected under all circumstances.

For instance, with the possibility of transplanting organs from both the living and dead, a number of issues arise such as consent to donation, the definition of death to prevent premature harvesting, an equal chance at transplantation etc. Genetic engineering also brings with it the dangers of gene mutation and all the problems associated with cloning. In order to deal with these issues, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with Regard to the Application and Medicine puts the welfare of the human being above society or science.

However the efficacy of the mechanisms in place today has been questioned in the light of blatant human rights violations and disregard for basic human dignity in nearly all countries in one or more forms. In many cases, those who are to blame cannot be brought to book because of political considerations, power equations etc. When such violations are allowed to go unchecked, they often increase in frequency and intensity usually because perpetrators feel that they enjoy immunity from punishment. Alston ed. Mehta and S. Pennock and J. McDougal et. It had no legal validity in the court yet it formed the foundation on which the other two laws Jus Civile and Jus Genitum were based.

An interdisciplinary approach. Cornwall: Polity Press and Donnelly, J. In Dunne, T. Cornwall: Polity Press [16] J. Bentham, Anarchichical Follies, quotes in N. Gall, ed. The Declaration contains 17 Articles defining various rights [19] Article 1 provides that men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good. These limits can only be determined by law. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.

Every citizen has a right to participate personally, or through his representative, in its foundation. It must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes. All citizens, being equal in the eyes of the law, are equally eligible to all dignities and to all public positions and occupations, according to their abilities, and without distinction except that of their virtues and talents. Article 6 [23] See Virginia Declaration of , The Constitution of the US of , American Bill of Rights , The Geneva Convention , [24] The use of force by one or more States to stop the maltreatment by a State of its own nationals was deemed to be lawful when that conduct was so brutal and large scale as to shock the conscience of mankind [25] The State by entering into a treaty may internationalize a subject which would otherwise not be regulated by international law [26] The Covenant of the League of Nations was formed in Article 22 established the mandates system by which the former colonies of the States which had lost the 1st World War were transformed into so-called mandates of the league and place under the administration of various victorious powers.

To advance this goal, the UN established a Commission on Human Rights and charged it with the task of drafting a document spelling out the meaning of the fundamental rights and freedoms proclaimed in the Charter. The vote was unanimous, although eight nations chose to abstain. The rights enshrined under it includes equality for all Art. Both covenants trumpet the extension of rights to all persons and prohibit discrimination. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press: 71— Symonides ed. The author can be reached at: faisal legalserviceindia.

For Further Details Contact: editor legalserviceindia. Introduction Epic is a significant combination of the style and the theme in the poem reproduction reflecting the flow of historical or legendary events. The world literature contains a lot of examples of famous epics covering the main features of this genre and highlighting the major moments of history. Introduction Slavery in America was a far different thing than slavery as it had traditionally been known in the past.

Unlike the slavery of ancient Greece or other places, for instance, slavery in America was never-ending and gave ultimate rights of life and death to the master. Slaves were forbidden With such a general definition, one might begin to understand Introduction The play Antigone is one of the best Greek dramatic works depicting life style of society and human relations between people. Antigone of Sophocles can be characterized as an astonishing achievement of world literature in which people are crushed by the entanglements of law whichever way they turn.

The ancient Greeks, with their pantheon of gods, had deep religious convictions that reinforced many values we continue to hold sacred today, such as honor and loyalty to family and loved ones. Pride, ego, high self-esteem are all harbingers of dissatisfaction and clashes. In the classic Iliad by Homer, Agamemnon is shown to be a person with a high of all of these. He has to give up his prized possession, a girl whom he won when the city of Priam was The attitude towards death in the epic literature symbolizes the wish of people of those epochs to be heroic, ready to sacrifice their lives for the holy aims. Even literature of different epochs represents comparatively similar attitudes towards death.

Introduction Candide is a satirical novella where the author employs satire as a weapon to unearth the corruption, hypocrisy, prejudices, and immorality that was prevalent in the organized Catholic Church. The strong criticism that Voltaire showers on the organized religion all throughout the entire story are to be understood in Introduction The literature of the Enlightenment is generally of the great interest for the philosophers, researchers and simply for people keen on literature of that period.

Both are The role of women in the ancient world is generally accepted to be that of possession and house-servant, mother and decorative status symbol, but not human, not thinking and not individual enough to act upon her own volition. This impression comes from a long line of ancient texts and documents These essays are submitted voluntarily to StudyCorgi by high achieving students who wish to help others succeed academically in high school and university.

Yes, the examples that StudyCorgi delivers are completely free. Keep in mind, though, that these papers are meant for research purposes only. No, no chance at all. This would be considered academic dishonesty. Consider reviewing our selection every once in a while, as we post new essay examples regularly. You might just find what you need. Yes, you can. We have a team of editors who check all the papers that get submitted and make sure they contain a minimum of grammatical, stylistic, and factual errors. They also see whether those essays adhere to a particular citation style.

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